Rick is an accomplished musician who’s been playing and writing for years. Lured away by success in business, he never lost the passion that is in every artist. Musically he was classically trained on the piano and organ and played for St. Ignatius Cathedral in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for many years. He gigged in those early years playing piano and organ jazz and old standards for the usual variety of local functions.

These days he is a songwriter, a self-taught guitarist and always searching for new ways to play. Rick’s taken evening courses at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance to hone and perfect some of those master class finger picking skills, as well as songwriting and production courses.

Songwriting inspiration has come from many sources over the years; God, love, family, poetry and the news are among many others as you’d expect from a folksy musician. Early influences of the Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, Michael Hedges and Andrés Segovia have all played a part in his appreciation for the unlimited potential of the guitar.

Genre is problematic for Rick, who describes his genre as Godsporatic Folkarockabilly with a New Age twist. The blending of all of these genres melds into a style all his own and is an enjoyable experience. Check out the Facebook and Soundcloud pages for Rick and look forward to his upcoming gigs hopefully near you.